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Need To Sell Your Business Fast?

The VMD GroupThe VMD Group, LLC is a professional full-service, business brokerage firm specializing in the sale and purchase of privately held New York companies. We also provide business loans and equipment financing from our network of lenders to assist and expedite the process. We confidentially market small businesses, priced from $250,000, to large companies with a value of $20,000,000, successfully brokering sales to qualified buyers.

Our sole focus is buying and selling businesses, that's all we do. As experts in the field, we know that it requires much more than just putting together a buyer and seller in order to result in a successful sale. It's a complex process involving attorneys, advisers, accountants, and lenders in a maze of regulations, paperwork, and negotiations, that are daunting without professional representation.

We begin with an accurate valuation of your company to establish a fair and reasonable price, based on market analysis of similar businesses sold in the vicinity. We then design a marketing package to prepare your business for sale, developing a strategy to discreetly put your business in front of screened, qualified buyers. We represent you in negotiations for the best possible price and terms, handling sales agreements and all other required documentation. We are committed to selling your business, for the best price, as quickly as possible.

Why The VMD Group, LLC?

Selling a business, or purchasing a business, is an enormous decision that should never be undertaken without professional assistance and representation. Unlike business consultants, attorneys, and CPAs, this is all we do, so our expertise is unmatched by those unable to provide 100% focus on the unique complexities of buying and selling businesses. We also understand that confidentiality is vital since broad knowledge that your business is on the market can significantly threaten its value.

If you are ready to buy a business or sell a business, put The VMD Group, LLC first on your list to call. You won't find quality, performing businesses listed in the Classified Ads and networking alone isn't enough to find serious, qualified buyers. Because this is our business, we know who is ready to sell and who is ready to buy, so we are able to discreetly broker deals quickly and effectively. With our lenders standing by ready to finance, we can move quickly to get the deal done at a fair market price.

If you're interested in selling a business, or buying a business, contact us today to speak with one of our expert consultants.

The VMD Group LLC
33 West 19th St. 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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